Before the festival

You can join the crew and get a free partout-ticket by doing 16 hours of volunteer work. 

You can help the creation of the festival:

3-5 of March

7-9 of April

5-7 of May

2-4 of June

7-9 of July (registration is complete)

17-18 of July (registration is complete)

19-20 of July (dismantling and clean up)

Fridays 12 noon - 7pm, Saturdays 11am - 3pm, Sundays 11am - 3pm. Please register in advance. Or come as you are.

Everybody is a volunteer

The Build it festival is a co-creating festival, where everybody does a little bit of creating the overall positive experience.

We believe this kind of co-creating strengthen the sense of community and to keep ticket prices at a level where everyone can join.

Therefore, when you check in with a partout ticket, you are asked to turn the wheel of fortune “Take a chore”, that will land on a task that you will do during the festival. Duration of task is about 1-5 hours depending on the task.

If you have purchased a one-day ticket, you will not be asked to take a chore, but we do hope that you will be part of creating the experience together with us.

E-mail us for more info: