Build-it festival´s founding vision to be the framework for learning, sustainability, joy of creating and having passion for a craft - by creating together.

    The goal is for the participants to be able to take their ideas and dreams and give them form, colour and life.

    How we live the vision of the festival is explained in the following sub-goals:

    Sub goals

    • To further the vocational educations and the professional ethics indcluding the old craftmanship.
    • To give local unions, enterprises and communities new ways of cooperation.
    • To put focus on climate changes, trash-less consumption as well as finding  concrete solutions hereto.

    • That everybody is able to handle noisy tools with confidence og safety.
    • That everybody is familiar with the value of the materials included in the various projects and know where they come from.
    • That everybody feel they can come from idea to realization.


    Sustainability in our work

    The Build-it festival has high ideals is working very ambitiously with sustainability.

    The core of the festival is constituted by a striving towards a trash-free lifestyle and to add value that contributes positively to societal culture and nature.

    Our work on a concrete level:

    • conveys the fundametals of a sustainable life style.
    • To bind co2 by planting trees
    • To collect donations to forests globally.
    • Learning about the value of upcycled reused wood.
    • The primary use of during the Build it festival.
    • no single-use cups or cutlery.
    • Self-produced electricity from sun cells and wind mills.
    • Collecting rain water.
    • to further the use of sustainable transportion.
    • Cleaning of beaches and environmetal protection.
    • cooperation with local producers
    • 100% organic and vegan food.
    • Fighting food waste via a community kitchen.

    We strive to continually work on, year by year, addin new projects. The festival is a cultural oasis full of presence, funny moments and where good ideas can become reality. The Building it festival is a space where everyone regardless of age or back ground can be co-creators of something beyond them selves and also contribute to sustainable development.