The 2 kitchens in the festival are vegan, with vegetarian options.

At sunshine kitchen you´ll find food of the season, healthy and organic, three times a day.

If you buy all meals in advance, you get a discount compared to buying each meal separately.

At “the Food Chain”, a donation based community kitchen, you can cook a meal from the heaps of food waste provided each day by local supermarkets.

Sunshine Kitchen

All food is organic and vegan. Morning bun and pizza have vegetarian cheese option.

Price list and opening hours:

Breakfast 30 dkk (9 am - 10 am)

Lunch 75 dkk (1pm - 2 pm)

Supper 75 dkk (6pm - 7pm)

You can buy all-inclusive tickets for the entire week when buying your festival ticket and earn a discount because you eat healthy and help to avoid food waste.

The Food Chain

The Food Chain is a community Kitchen that facililtates, in cooperation with “madspildspensionatet”, collecting of date-marked groceries from local supermarkets, every day all week.

Everyone can eat climate friendly food, every day, all week.

You make your own food and you also do your own dishes. You are welcome to help others that might have forgotten their dishes.

The Food Chain is 100% donation based.