Building it!

Building Land

What is Building Land and how does the whole build-it thing work?

The Build-it festival is a festival that focuses on creating together.

Building Land is the festival area where we build, and it is like a tivoli: full of building-amusements instead of roller coasters - here everybody can build.

Here you´ll find all sorts of recycled wood and professional tools from Milwaukee at your disposal; from drills to saws and NKT screws in all sizes. It´s easy to get from idea to realization.

The Build it festival is a space for creative freedom, where you can build and express what you want.

At the building land you´ll find both inspiration for your own project as well as opportunities to share your inspiration with other building projects.

How-to crash courses on how to use the tools safely will be held daily

Building Land has an experienced Build team ready to advise you, so that you always can get answers to any building related question you might have.

It is of course also possible to join others in larger projects, so you can have the co-creating experience.

Everything you build is free to bring home when the festival ends. Or you can donate your project at the auction to be held at the end of the festival.

Only your fantasy sets the limits for what you can build!

Practical info about  Building Land


Building Land has more than 100 electricity powered tools in the tool-library. That means for one that there isn´t enough drills for everyone - so we share what we have.

Therefore, you are welcome to bring your own or buy a demo machine from our tool-library - at a fair price, all yours.

Safety and responsibility

It is our shared responsibility to share knowledge and experiences about how we build and use the tools in a safe and proper way. So if you see anyone in need of help, then go and offer your help.

So far we never had any accident that

couldn´t be fixed with a band-aid and we wish to keep it that way. Ultimately, you are responsible for your project and your personal use of the tools. 

Your Build-it project

Youy can build anything you want. Maybe you need a new shelf, chair, foor rest, plant box or a tiny house to be your future home...but 6 days go by quickly.

Every participant is to take their project home, so don´t build bigger than you can carry, or include time to dissemble your project before going home.

No matter the need, the answer is yes: it is possible to build your dreams at the Build-it festival. This is the place to do it.

If you are going to need special materials, tools or extra hands, please feel free to e-mail us in advance. That way we can accomodate your needs.

Build-it Land programme

Build-it Land and the Tools-library are open from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm.

Every day at 11.00am - course in using tools: learn to use the tools in a safe and proper way.

On going all days - Tiny house building. Participate in building a tiny house and learn the fundamentals. This include installing windows, make the floor and a lot more.

The house will be given to an auction for charity.

Time tba - Building jam: Build-it festival particapants contesting against each other in building `something´. There will be challenges such as theme and limited materials.

Time tba - build a soapbox car. Work shop for the younger (at heart) audience. we will build soapbox cars and race each other!

We can help you getting advanced materials, tools or ekstra hands if you e-mail us ahead of the festival. We´d love to help!